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Beeblebrox has been Space Hippie's primary server since 27 December 2020.


Beeblebrox is a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4GB of RAM. If the Minecraft server is laggy, that's why.

The Pi is also equipped with a 2TB (2,000GB) hard disk drive, and every user is given a folder on that drive. There's no official storage cap, but don't go crazy with it :^)

There's also a 32GB flash drive for Minecraft backups

Since the system is so simple, there isn't much else to say about the hardware. The Pi sits in the official black fan case, which is on top of the HDD.


Operating System

The Pi is running Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 Lite (Buster). I'm aware they changed it to "Raspberry Pi OS," but I refuse to call it that because it's just Debian with non-free packages by default, which makes it nothing more than a worse version of Debian. The system runs headless to save resources, and because there's no monitor attached so why bother.

Web Server

Main article: Websites

The Web server is Apache2, with a few modules for PHP, MySQL, and whatever else MediaWiki made me install. This server hosts two domain names, and

IRC Server and Bouncer

Main articles: IRC, Bouncer

The Pi runs IRDd-Hybrid on port 6667, which is the IRC server. The bouncer is ZNC and runs on port 1025.


The wiki is powered by MediaWiki (the same, free-libre software that Wikipedia uses). It's in a different /var/www/ directory than the main Space Hippie site and runs on a subdomain.