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A bouncer is a piece of software that allows you to log into an IRC network from multiple devices, allows you to stay connected even when those devices aren't, and keeps a backlog of messages that are sent when you aren't logged in. This server runs a bouncer called ZNC.

Using ZNC

As a Space Hippie member, you're entitled to an account on our install of ZNC. You can log into ZNC at

First Login

The first time you log in, use your system username and the password you were assigned upon registration. After logging in, you can change your password by going to "Your Settings" and entering your new password in the "Password" and "Confirm Password" fields, then scrolling to the bottom and clicking "save and continue."

Adding a Network and Channels

Go to "your settings," and then under "networks," click "add." Give it a name, set your nicknames, etc, and then under "servers," click "add." Add the address of the server, and make sure the port is correct. Usually it helps to uncheck the box in the "SSL" column, as it doesn't work with all servers. Then scroll down to the bottom and click "add network and continue." You've just added a network - time to add some channels.

Now, under "channels," click "add." In the "channel name" field, type in the channel's name (for example, #general). Then make sure to check the box that says "enabled." Then click "Add channel and return," and your bouncer is set up. Now all that's left is to connect to it.

Connecting to the Bouncer

In your IRC client, add a network. Set the name to whatever you want - if you're looking to connect to Rizon, you may want to name it "Rizon."

Then, no matter what network you're connecting to, set the server to Then, in the password field, type in [Your ZNC username]/[Network that you added to ZNC - Case Sensitive]:[Your ZNC password]. For example, the password field could look like JohnDoe/Rizon:ABC123.

Save the network and connect to it. You should automatically join all the channels you added in the ZNC web interface. When you close your client/turn off your computer, you'll stay logged into all your channels, thus keeping your nickname and operator status, and when you log back in you'll find a backlog of messages that were sent to the channel while you were away.