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Gopher and Gemini are internet protocols that serve as alternatives to HTTP. Gopher and Gemini sites (known as "gopherholes" and "capsules", respectively) are accessible through Gopher/Gemini browsers, or through browser extensions for normal web browsers.


Gopher was released in 1991 and competed with HTTP for dominance through the '90s. Although it ultimately lost, it is still used by hobbyists.

Space Hippie operates a Gopher server at gopher:// Gopher tilde directories are available to all users.



The Gemini project was started in 2019. The goal of Gemini is to be heavier than Gopher but lighter than HTTP, and to be secure.

Space Hippie operates a Gemini server, and the Space Hippie capsule is located at gemini:// Gemini tilde directories are available to all users.