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Welcome to the Space Hippie Space Wiki!

This wiki is dedicated to Space Hippie, a network of services that provides tilde hosting over HTTP, Gopher, and Gemini, a Minecraft server, an IRC network, an IRC bouncer, a Discord server, and, of course, this wiki.

The name Space Hippie comes from the hostname of our original server, a 2GB Raspberry Pi 4B. Space Hippie went online on 3 April 2020. Space Hippie has been hosted from its current server, Beeblebrox, a 4GB Pi 4B, since 27 December 2020.

System Updates

2021-10-15: I realized a spambot has been creating random articles for around a month now. I blocked it, deleted the articles, and have disabled registration for the general public. ~hdw

2021-10-14: I've resolved the thumbnail issue. I plan to use the wiki as the new homepage for Space Hippie, as putting information here and on the homepage is redundant, and I want to take advantage of having MediaWiki installed on the server. ~hdw

Space Hippie Service Portal

IRC IRC Bouncer Minecraft Websites

Space Hippie User Homepages

~hdw ~tkb

Get service updates by following the Space Hippie RSS feed!

Hop on IRC! Click here or direct your IRC client to port 6667 on and join channel #general!

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