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Welcome to the Space Hippie Space Wiki!

This wiki is dedicated to Space Hippie, a network of services that provides tilde hosting over HTTP, Gopher, and Gemini, a Minecraft server, an IRC network, an IRC bouncer, a Discord server, and, of course, this wiki.

The name Space Hippie comes from the hostname of our original server, a 2GB Raspberry Pi 4B. Space Hippie went online on 3 April 2020. Space Hippie has been hosted from its current server, Beeblebrox, a 4GB Pi 4B, since 27 December 2020.

Consider putting this button on your homepage to support Space Hippie!

Consider putting this 88x31 button on your homepage to support Space Hippie!

System Updates

2023-02-20: Everything appears to be back up and running. Details here. ~hdw

2023-02-19: After roughly two weeks of downtime, Beeblebrox is back online! Still working on getting all of the services set back up. ~hdw

Space Hippie Service Portal

IRC IRC Bouncer Minecraft
Websites Gopher/Gemini

Space Hippie User Homepages

~hdw ~tkb

Get service updates by following the Space Hippie RSS feed!

Hop on IRC! Click here or direct your IRC client to port 6667 on and join channel #general!

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