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The primary service offered by Space Hippie is web hosting. The primary type of web hosting offered is tilde hosting.

Tilde Sites

Tilde sites are sites that are stored in a user's home directory (which, on UNIX-like systems, is represented by a tilde, or "~"). They are accessed by directing a web browser to, where user is the username of the tilde site's owner.

Alternative Protocols

Tildes are also offered over Gopher and Gemini, protocols that serve as alternatives to the dominant HTTP protocol. Gopher and Gemini sites can only be accessed by special Gopher and Gemini browsers, or by using a browser plugin. Gopher sites are accessed by directing a Gopher browser to gopher:// (note the /1/), and Gemini sites are accessed by directing a Gemini browser to gemini://, where, in both cases, user is the username of the tilde site's owner.

Gopher has been around for a very long time, while Gemini was only introduced in 2019. Gopher tends to be more supported, but Gemini offers the thrill of a new and unexplored frontier of the Internet.

Other Sites

A couple of other sites are hosted on this server, on different domain names. This type of service has only been offered once to someone who isn't the sysadmin himself. These sites are: