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IRC is peak chat technology. It isn't owned by anyone, and anyone can set up their own IRC network very easily. To make your IRC experience even better, Space Hippie provides members with an account on our IRC bouncer!

How to use IRC

(For information about using our bouncer, see that page)

IRC is easy to use, and it's easy on your internet connection. First, you need a client. The best graphical client is HexChat. If you want a client that runs in your terminal, Irssi is also an excellent choice, but it isn't as beginner-friendly.

In HexChat, a network list should appear on startup. Select a network, select a channel, and chat away. If you frequent a channel/network, you may consider setting it to auto-connect when you open your client, so you can disable the network list on startup. You can also add networks that aren't on the list, like the Space Hippie network!

Our IRC Network

To connect to the Space Hippie IRC network, add a new network, set the server to and join channel #general.

The Space Hippie IRC network is for general discussion.