Getting Started

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You've just been given an account on the Space Hippie server. What now?

Logging In

Use SSH to log into the server.

GNU/Linux, MacOS, and other UNIX-like systems

If you're on a UNIX-like system, simply open your terminal emulator and type ssh [user], and then type your password when prompted.


On Windows, download PuTTY. Once it's installed, launch it and set the server to Then click connect, enter your credentials, and you're in.

Learning the Command Line

I'm not going to write a spiel about using the command line - instead, here's a link to a free book on the subject. Even if you have some experience with GNU/Linux, I strongly recommend at least skimming this.

Using the IRC Bouncer

See the page on IRC for information about what IRC is, and the bouncer page for what a bouncer is, and how to use one.